[ RadSafe ] FW: Reporter's question about lower limitsofdetection (BUSBY)

Busby, Chris C.Busby at ulster.ac.uk
Mon Aug 8 12:20:07 CDT 2011

Dear Herr Minsterialrat

Thank you for you comments which I note,
Chris Busby

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A saying in German is "Attack is the best defense". I would be surprised if this proverb  did not exist in other languages. Chris Busby actually uses it in practice. 

You claim that some at RADSAFE who question your expertise are "rude", but what you provide is much more than rude. You qualify us as complete idiots. 

You write about "Jap cars", which is to my knowledge an unacceptable and offending expression for "Japanese cars". There is an absolutely unacceptable similar expression in German, no paper and no person would ever think of using it. 

I have already recommended that you should take a break and learn about radioactivity (and other topics like statistics) for a few years before returning to RADSAFE.

I cannot help you if you think that I am rude pointing to all your shortcomings, the fundamental flaws of your claims, your financial interests, your more than questionable connections to such dubious and mock organisations like "Green Audit", the ECRR (or similar)  with all those questionable and dubious people like Schmitz-Feuerhake or Rosalie Bertell, the former one having been found guilty to falsify data in order to get the results she wanted to have. 

A nonscientific, but a comment on your conduct. I might be wrong, but I have never experienced on RADSAFE that I was called "Mr. Franz". Is this another attempt of you to ridicule me? I know "Franz" - 99% usual on RADSAFE and also used by my many British friends and collegues, I know "Mr. Schoenhofer" in very few mails on RADSAFE, mails in German are increasingly using "Franz", the other and official ones use "Herr Schoenhofer" and very few use my other titles like "Ministerialrat" - they are from those with whom I use to joke about our official titles. However I know from experience that in Arab and other countries the first name is used to characterize a person, but you seem to be a British citizen, though you use US units for radioactivity matters. 

Going back to your claim, that uncertainties and assumptions are a part of science I agree in principle. But as in your case, where uncertainties exceed by far the measurement results or make them so uncertain that no conclusions can be drawn,  I cannot understand, how you can calculate doses to the population. (Have you really?)

You are clearly not entitled to judge whether people on RADSAFE (including me) are SCIENTISTS. You seem not to be - at least not on the topic of radioactivity. How do you dare to make such a comment? How do you dare to call people who do not share your queer opinions as "idiots"? Somebody like you cannot insult me. I do not recommend the list owner to  ban you from the list, because I regard it as important for us SCIENTISTS to get to know the opinions of persons like you.

No regards, Mr. Chris!

Franz, Mr. Franz, Herr Schoenhofer, Mr. Schoenhofer, Herr Ministerialrat Dr. Franz Schoenhofer bla, bla, bla

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