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Mon Aug 8 16:10:52 CDT 2011


You are absolutely correct with your comment. Chris does not understand anything else about Radiation Protection as he has proved since long ago. 
I do not understand, why he seems to be backed by some RADSAFErs. He is the classical troll, but much more sophisticated and clever than all the previous ones on RADSAFE, using his "reputation" to impress some RADSAFErs. I would recommend to remove him from the list once for all - he has not only disturbed heavily RADSAFE, but actively tried to convert it into an antinuclear list by posting wrong "facts", claiming to be an expert (car filters). He is not a professional in radiation protection - just the contrary. So what is he to do on this list?

Do we, who have been called by this person as "idiots" still have to accept this person on RADSAFE? 

Please think about it, as well as I would urge any other RADSAFEr to do.

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---- "Cowie schrieb:
> I think it is safe to say ( without any assumption) that Chris does not understand the process of representative air sampling.
> Mike
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> On Aug 8, 2011, at 11:11 PM, "franz.schoenhofer at chello.at" <franz.schoenhofer at chello.at> wrote:
> > Cindy,
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> > I share your concerns insofar, that they are well defined. What I wonder is why this well known antinuclear activist is getting so much bandwidth on RADSAFE with his ridiculous "scientific" results. One should disregard them completely, even if this would  be regarded by some funny antinuclear groups be regarded as "politically incorrect".
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> > I recommend to ignore those absurd messages.
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> > Best regards,
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> > Franz

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