[ RadSafe ] FW: Reporter's question about lowerlimitsofdetection (BUSBY)

Steven Dapra sjd at swcp.com
Tue Aug 9 20:08:24 CDT 2011

At 11:11 AM 8/9/2011, you wrote:
>Listen, I am here to let you know what I have discovered and what I 
>think. This may be useful for you. If not you can ignore it. If youi 
>have a point, or if I have missed something, you can say so. If you 
>dont want to listen, dont open the posting. I try not to be drawn by 
>all the insults thrown at me. I dont insult anyone.

         This is Chris Busby, writing on Aug. 8:

"You [Radmax], and Mr Franz, and a few others are so appallingly rude 
it is very difficult to deal with you as if you were scientists and 
not ignorant rednecks in some cheap bar. I thought the radsafe list 
was a discussion arena not some internet blog where idiots insult 
each other. Try to remain civil."

         But, according to Busby, he 'doesn't insult anyone.'

Steven Dapra

>I am interested in what you guys have to say. Some of it I disagree 
>with and some of it is valuable and some of it helps me to focus on 
>the gaps in my knowledge. I hope we can continue these discussions 
>in a spirit of respect and amicability.
>Chris Busby


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