[ RadSafe ] Radsafe is now like a Country with their financial rating downgraded

Perle, Sandy sperle at mirion.com
Wed Aug 10 10:58:37 CDT 2011

There have been many posts recently about getting back to asking questions related to the scope of Radsafe's charter and scope. Apparently everyone agrees, but then we still see sniping and personal attacks. I am a member on various lists and groups, including 6 Linkedin Groups, Powernet, Med-Phys, Yahoo Groups, and not one of these has repetitive BS that we see on Radsafe. As Joel wrote the other day, Please, please, please STOP! Look in the mirror and if you believe that your posts are attacking, rude, condescending, sniping, ridiculing, then take a step back and stop all of this. Many of you provide excellent technical comments and do so without all of the previous negative comments. Simply base a comment on the technical aspects and leave the personal innuendos off the system.

Finally, only the list moderator (he/she who holds the system operations in their facility) makes the rules. Therefore, we are essentially a dictatorship (not a negative connotation). They make the rules, we don't need member police state and no member should continue to ask that another member be banned. That is Jeff's prerogative. So, in addition to ceasing the sniping, please stop asking that other members be banned. Stick to answering radiation related questions. PLEASE!



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