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Thu Aug 11 01:43:11 CDT 2011

Hi Radsafe,
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       Hey all.  I know many UFO's in  the USA and the world are early 
versions of new planes,
stealth fighters/bombers, flying wings etc. being tested by the USA, USSR,  
etc.  But what about the rest.
       Sorry in advance --- I've been  watching space alien shows on the 
history channel etc.
These here aliens have fission/fusion driven spacecraft or whatever and  
such airships have dynamical,
velocity and acceleration capabilities beyond what the USA seems to  have.
       What follows is a bit shaky, and you  can kid me about it later.  I 
haven't read Chariots of the Gods,
nor do I read much science fiction.
       Apparently there is considerable  petroglyph etc. evidence to 
indicate space aliens have been 
here on Earth and they have had some fair impact on older  civilizations.
       The other thing that becomes clear  from these so called shows is 
that the Earth is a 
genetic/DNA testing ground and the Earth's creatures (including US) are all 
engineered beings.  I am Catholic and believe in God/Jesus.  As  for many 
of the other so-called 
gods (Greek/Roman gods etc.) they may be unreal or perhaps result from  
some visiting alien
presence.  I'd take a wicked cheap shot at how the Mormon/LDS church  was 
but I'd better hold back.  I actually know a guy named Joseph Smith  from 
the western USA
and I don't want to step on any toes.  If humans, lizards, apes, cats,  
dogs, fish, amoeba,
parameciums are all individually engineered structures/beings, then what  
about evolution???
Is Evolution just not true????  Whoa???!!!! 
      Yeah, what kind of drugs am I on  tonight.
      There seems to be a desire for some  space aliens to live 
underground, perhaps for hiding
out from humans, for avoiding space radiation etc.???  Strange.
       Perhaps we humans aren't here for some  higher purpose at all --- no 
meaning to life????
Maybe we're just labor for bringing gold etc. out of the ground.   Perhaps 
space crews from
elsewhere take favorable critters (including some of us humans) and  
relocate them to their
faraway planets.  Right now, I kind of feel like a creature from the  movie 
--- the Island of Dr.
Moreau.  Are we not men???  (What is the law????).   Guess you had to se 
the first version of this movie.
       How would no evolution affect our  thinking about radiation, health 
physics and the work that
we do????  Maybe I'll think about it tomorrow
       Regards,    Joseph R.  (Joe) Preisig, PhD

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