[ RadSafe ] Evolution, radiation, space travel, etc.

Ted de Castro tdc at xrayted.com
Thu Aug 11 11:29:14 CDT 2011

Just to continue the spirit of this thread .....

Yes there are so very very many stars out there which means the 
possibility of SO many planets it seems there MUST be life out there - 
maybe even advanced.  BUT the distances between are enormous.  
Continuing with the "experiment" part of this thread - its like many 
fish bowls with the distance acting like the separating glass bowl walls.

Anyhow - watching all those alien encounter tv shows that show cave 
drawings with aliens that look so much like us - two things come to mind:

Firstly - the observers ARE us and in their minds morph the aliens into 
looking "us like" when rendering their drawings - even though they are 
very accurate with depicting earth animals of their time.

Secondly - maybe the "visitors" look like us because they are us!  Maybe 
someday we find out its easier to traverse time than the enormous 
interstellar distances.  So just maybe the aliens are just future 
archeologists on a time travel "field trip".

Just postulating.

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