[ RadSafe ] Removal of Cs-137 source from an old irradiator

Wasiolek, Maryla mwasiol at sandia.gov
Mon Aug 15 13:36:53 CDT 2011

Dear RadSafers,

We are trying to dispose of a Cs-137 source (currently about 80 Ci) from the Model E-0029 irradiator manufactured about 50 years ago by  U.S. Nuclear Corp. in Burbank, CA.  That company does not exist anymore and we do not have any documentation or drawings for the irradiator.  Specifically, it would be helpful to know how the source is attached below the shield plug, but any information that we could use for the source removal would be greatly appreciated.  Attached is the picture of the irradiator.

Thank you,

Maryla Wasiolek
Gamma Irradiation Facility
Sandia National Laboratories
Albuquerque, NM

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