[ RadSafe ] You think you have seen hyperbolic coverage ofFukushima?

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To be fair, all of humanity will be impacted.  Much of the impact will be though environmental damage as more difficult to exploit fossil fuel resources are tapped, whether it is coal by mountain top removal or oil sand or shale or natural gas in harder to reach and extract places.  More impact will come from more of the last free flowing rivers being dammed, with the collapse of the downstream environments, both natural and human, such as farming.  It is entirely possible that wars will be fought over this, when one country asserts its right to completely stop a river vital to another, simply because the first country is upstream.  And I suspect that the people of Germany will be impacted by Fukushima when they have placed the hands of Russia around their economic throat, by making their energy needs reliant on pipelines that have valves in Russia.  

So humanity will be impacted by Fukushima.  Although it is entirely possible that not a single death will be demonstrably connected to radiation from the facility (though it is also quite possible that someone at the plant will screw up and expose themselves to a breathtaking amount of rad), it is entirely likely that easily identifiable deaths will occur because of the "no nuke" policies that will be adopted.

On the other hand, the places that use this as a learning opportunity will have better nuclear reactors for it, and they will be increasingly influential in the world economy.   

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Michio Kaku strikes yet again, now on the Australian Special
Broadcasting System; you would think that state TV broadcasters would
adhere to some sort of standard of factual news gathering, but this is
the same channel that broadcast "award winning" broadcast about
depleted uranium causing birth defects in Fallujah without ever making
any attempt to determine if DU was used in Fallujah.  Here is the
posting from the Geiger Counter enthusiasts' list about Deborah Dupre,
a strong anti-nuke with little actual knowledge who posts to the
On-line Examiner (I wonder what William Randolph Hearst thinks of what
has become of his flagship newspaper the former San Francisco


violations while U.S. media remains silent

Australia's  CBS exposed the "unspeakable" realities of the Japanese
catastrophe in its 60 Minutes program Sunday night during which
leading nuclear scientist Dr. Michio Kaku said radiation from
Fukushima will impact of all of humanity. The nuclear energy power
industry violation of the right to health is apparent throughout the
new Australian report.

"In fact the whole world will be exposed from the radiation from
Fukushima," Dr. Kaku told CBS reporter Liz Hayes.

 "We are already getting radiation from Fukushima," Dr. Kaku said.

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From: Stephen Young

"he silence was shattered by the beeping of deadly gamma radiation
fallout 40 kilometers from the crippled nuclear power plant..."

My Gamma radiation calibrated sources never utter a sound, have I been
had?... ;)

Great writing it ain't.  I hope they splurged on local sushi.  And
spinach rolls.

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See if this isnt the most messed up story yet:

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