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Imported into word with Acrobat pro then google tranlsate

Towards decontamination of soil contamination by cesium-137 half-life of 17 years 
Tatsuhiko Kodama Radioisotope Research Center, University of Tokyo 
Cesium 137 is naturally very little, there in the environment, most 
The product of a nuclear accident or nuclear test since the 1940s such application. There is 
Also used for such appraisal in. To Jefferson's famous bottle 
In the review, but rather a bottle of Chateau Lafite of the 18th century, cesium 
It was considered a fake incident is detected 137. 
Cesium-137 emits intense gamma rays, in Brazil in 1987 Goiko 
Near the city, had been stolen cesium-137 was discontinued for medical, shiny 
Of radiation that killed four people in a population of 250 people in contact with a substance 
Accidents have occurred as the exposure is an important case. 
In Japan, by Dr. Misako 駒村 the National Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences, at 35 years from 1958 to 1993 
In many fields in Japan, has studied the amount of cesium-137 in soil. Nuclei in the atmosphere from 1964 
Has decreased due to decrease in the amount of scattering experiments, cesium release from the soil and how it related to 
Continue to decrease about rays, have been estimated in detail. According to the results, even in the paddy fields, 
Soil itself replaced by the inflow and outflow in half in 40 years. Half-life of cesium-137 is 30 years, both foam 
Let, on the land in Japan has become a half-life of 17 years. 
House of representatives was called after the nuclear accident in Fukushima this, asked the chairman of Agriculture fold half-life of 17 years 
I said that, the next day, the prime minister "of radioactivity is about 20 years, may disappear." I said 
I say it became a problem. 
Cesium concentration of agricultural land, however, based on the data of the cesium transition to brown rice from paddy, 1kg limit 
Becquerel is set around 5000. Soil monitoring and look for the ministry, already Bekure 10,000 
Le Regional / kg is observed at 60km away from nuclear power plants in Fukushima 杉妻 towns, quite extensively 
Has become. Moreover, deposition of cesium-137 tends to increase since the beginning of May, etc. Iitate village is 
I also have more than 20 mSv of radiation dose estimates in March. It will then Prime Minister 
Not a question of political commitment and choice, 10 years, significant effort must be over 20 years of long-term decontamination 
A situation. 
Contaminated areas in support of a temporary home from Radioisotope Research Center of Tokyo University, Fukushima, dispatch of experts begins 
You are. When it's time to work towards decontamination of polluted soil tilt the wisdom of researchers nationwide isotope 
VOL 42 No. 1 (2011) 
References: There are many articles on the Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute Symposium Record. 

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I found this news article from the University of Tokyo Radioisotope Center
hat starts with an article by Professor Kodama.  Is there anyone on the
ist who can translate this?  Google's translate does not work on Acrobat
iles.  Thanks.
Roger Helbig
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