[ RadSafe ] Fraud? -Busby Laboratories & "Christopher Busby Foundation for the Children of Fukushima"

Stewart Farber SAFarber at optonline.net
Sat Dec 3 16:47:32 CST 2011

Certain basic questions have been repeatedly posed to Dr. Busby about the
legal status and registration of "Busby Laboratories" and the so-called
"Christopher Busby Foundation for the Children of Fukushima." [CBFCF]

Dr. Busby has refused to reply to the specific questions asked of him on
Radsafe that would establish the legitimacy of these entities  questioned by
many parties both in England by the Guardian and elsewhere. Accordingly,
until proven otherwise  one can only assume that the firms and foundations
to which he proudly attaches his name are fraudulent. According, it would
seem appropriate that people should consider not responding to any point or
issue he raises until he can answer reasonable questions about Busby
Laboratories and the CBFCF asked of him on Radsafe and in the major British,
and International newspaper the Guardian.

The few words Dr. Busby has posted on the LLRC website about the Guardian
article are essentially irrelevant to the issues raised there and on
Radsafe. He studiously avoids providing a responsive explanation of the key
serious issues about Busby Laboratories' existence, and apparent
profiteering by the CBFCF by drifting off into mostly irrelevant tangents on
various radiation issues, where he expounds issues other than the questions
at hand. His comments about people from Japan not presently being able to
make donations to Green Audit, his personal organization,  from the CBFCF
webpage strain credulity given that he has provided the bank account numbers
and wire transfer information for deposits to his account, such that anyone
can wire monies directly to him with no accounting or control.

Paraphrasing US Senator Lloyd Bentsen from his 1988 US Vice-Presidential
debate with Dan Quale, when Quale likened himself to Jack Kennedy would have
had Bentsen remarking to Busby:

"Dr. Busby, I knew the Mahatma, and you Dr. Busby are no Mahatma Ghandi."

The following discussion on Wikipedia is not meant to be applicable to any
one person or their actions, but offers something to ponder as possible
background on behaviors sometimes seen in in people often out of touch with
reality --as by their ignoring consensus science and knowledge in favor of
unsupported fringe beliefs.


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