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You know that I generally appreciate your comments, but this time I have to respectfully disagree.

This "Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. etc." is without doubt a kind of troll on RADSAFE. But we should distinguish between his role on RADSAFE and in the international communications. On the other side he is an agitator not only against nuclear power, but everything nuclear and radioactive. I oppose the use of DU - but I as well oppose the use of tungsten or whatever is the alternative, because I oppose those wars. Those wars do not become more despisable because DU is used!

His claims are beyond any doubt ridiculous and only serve for his ego to be interviewed in newspapers and on TV. And of course they serve his pocket. His claims are an offence to anybody really working hard in the field of radiation protection, not to talk about international organisations monitoring carefully. We should not allow somebody like this character to ridicule and downplay worldwide acknowledged scientists - this happens all to much in recent times. Since it has been clearly stated that journalists are lurking on RADSAFE (I even received sometimes requests for information) we should continue to clearly refute this "troll", liar and fraudant. 

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---- Doug Aitken <jdaitken at sugar-land.oilfield.slb.com> schrieb:
> Just a thought:
> Even a negative comment gives fodder to an egoist. 
> Trolls who are ignored go on to greener pastures......
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