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William Lipton doctorbill34 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 14 21:16:32 CST 2011

The NRC is one of the better regulators.  Nevertheless, they share 2
inherent weaknesses with most such organizations:

1.  They're always preparing for the last war.  The NRC didn't get serious
about fire safety until after the Browns Ferry fire; they didn't seem to
think that effluent monitors should be able to measure accident levels
until after TMI; they didn't get serious about boric acid corrosion until
after Davis Besse; etc.  Regulators tend to be reactive, not proactive.
Keep in mind that the industry, NOT the NRC, took the initiative on
groundwater protection.

2.  They realize that a successful parasite doesn't kill its host.
Virtually all NRC personnel realize that if the industry went away, they'd
follow.  They thus, along with other regulators, become committed to the
success of the industry they regulate.  They put on a good show of
independence and write a lot of speeding tickets, but they generally avoid
anything that truly hurts the industry.

While the NRC Chair may not be correct on every issue, I admire his attempt
to break up the old boys' club.

Bill Lipton
It's not about dose, it's about trust.

On Wed, Dec 14, 2011 at 8:45 PM, Steven Dapra <sjd at swcp.com> wrote:

> Dec. 14
>        Thank you for making this correction.  I "supposed" wrong.
> Steven Dapra
> At 08:00 AM 12/14/2011, you wrote:
>> Steven et al. --
>> Chairman Jaczko was appointed to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission by
>> President Bush (43) and made Chairman by President Obama.
>> Jim
>> >>> Steven Dapra <sjd at swcp.com> 12/13/2011 21:00 >>>
>> Dec. 13
>>         Well, who appointed this Markey aide?  Obama, I
>> suppose.  What did you expect?
>> Steven Dapra
>> At 04:38 PM 12/13/2011, you wrote:
>> >How in the heck did a former aide to Ed Markey get appointed Chair
>> >of the NRC?  Does no one vet these appointments?
>> >Brent Rogers Sydney Australia
>> [edit]
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