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Steven Dapra sjd at swcp.com
Sun Dec 18 11:51:23 CST 2011

Dec. 18

         "This business of attacking [Otto Raabe] personally rather 
than addressing the science, which is in research which is not 
carried out by me is the pathetic refuge of those who cannot face up 
the the fact that they are wrong."

         Where have we heard that before?

         Dr. Otto Raabe impresses Dapra because Dr. Raabe is a 
scientist --- quite unlike the beret-wearing, yacht-sailing, . . . (whatever).

Steven Dapra

At 09:23 AM 12/18/2011, you wrote:
>"What a crock" is not a very scientific argument.
>It is a redneck argument from an ignoramus in a low beer joint. Ha 
>Ha they drunkenly shout and spill their beer in mirth and merriment. 
>Shame on you Otto Raabe. You at least are supposed to be a 
>scientist. You would not get away with that in a court of law, and I 
>notice that you were in a court of law on the other side from me a 
>few years ago. Remember? What was the outcome of that case? Do you remember?
>There are so many papers in that compilation that I sent you to all 
>that you would not dare to argue that Uranium was not genotoxic in 
>the face of all that evidence.
>Anyway, maybe you will be asked to come to court on this issue 
>again. Then you can explain how your control dogs mysteriously all 
>died of lung cancer.
>You might impress all these low life rednecks like Helbig, Dapra et 
>al, but you dont get far with this stuff in front of a judge.
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