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Dec. 18

         Is that what is believed by the inhabitants of the planet 
where you live, Chris?  You don't know much about how the legal 
system has been corrupted in the U. S. of A., that's for certain.

Steven Dapra

At 10:21 AM 12/18/2011, you wrote:
>What I am saying is that in a court of law, the evidence is 
>presented by both sides and the result is a proper analysis of this 
>evidence by the judge (or jury); the judge then sums up and has to 
>include all the evidence and the interpretation of that evidence. 
>Otherwise the case is open to appeal. Evidence along the lines of 
>"what a crock" is not admissable. Nor are personal attacks. Nor is 
>Wikipedia as a source of evidence. All the Helbig crap and the crap 
>on the internet, wikepedia, chrisbusbyexposed and so forth have been 
>brought into several of my recent court cases by the UK Ministry of 
>Defence. The judges threw it all out and the cases were all won for 
>the clients I represented as an expert witness.  For it to work in a 
>court, Helbig or Dapra or Ministerat Franz, or Raabe or whoever 
>would have to come into the witness box and give evidence. Then it 
>would be rapidly clear under cross examination what their evidence 
>was worth. Or in the US this would appear in the pre-cou
>  rt deposition stages and the Daubert routines. It is easy to call 
> people names on the internet, or even in this Radsafe forum, but it 
> cuts no ice in court. Science is not made by weighing the number of 
> people who believe something on one pan and those who believe the 
> opposite on the other pan, nor is it made in courts, but at least 
> in courts you get a honest hearing and the rednecks are kept out by 
> the court officials and the judge under the contempt of court 
> rules. They can then repair to the beer joints or the internet.
>All the best
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>Chris are you suggesting legal precedent can be used to debunk 
>contemporary scientific understanding?
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>On Dec 18, 2011, at 7:25 PM, "Busby, Chris" <C.Busby at ulster.ac.uk> wrote:
> > "What a crock" is not a very scientific argument.
> > It is a redneck argument from an ignoramus in a low beer joint. 
> Ha Ha they drunkenly shout and spill their beer in mirth and 
> merriment. Shame on you Otto Raabe. You at least are supposed to be 
> a scientist. You would not get away with that in a court of law, 
> and I notice that you were in a court of law on the other side from 
> me a few years ago. Remember? What was the outcome of that case? Do 
> you remember?
> > There are so many papers in that compilation that I sent you to 
> all that you would not dare to argue that Uranium was not genotoxic 
> in the face of all that evidence.
> >
> > Anyway, maybe you will be asked to come to court on this issue 
> again. Then you can explain how your control dogs mysteriously all 
> died of lung cancer.
> > You might impress all these low life rednecks like Helbig, Dapra 
> et al, but you dont get far with this stuff in front of a judge.
> > Cheers
> > Chris
> >
> >
> >
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> > At 12:59 PM 12/16/2011, Busby wrote:
> >> There is sufficient evidence for all but the most intransigent 
> ostrich here:
> >> http://www.euradcom.org/2010/uraniumreport.htm
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