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This is the website of the UK nuclear industry's Compensation Scheme for Radiation-Linked Diseases. This site has been created in order to provide potential claimants with the information they will need in order to make a claim and to provide them (and other interested persons) with information on what the Scheme is, why it was conceived and how it operates. There are also links to employers' and unions' websites, if you wish to know more about the Scheme participants, and links to sites offering information on the risks associated with radiation exposure.

The Scheme is a joint initiative between the nuclear industry's employers and their trades' unions and it enjoys the ongoing support of all parties as it provides a means of resolving claims without the need for court action (which is lengthy, stressful for all concerned and very expensive), which is more generous in it's assessment of cases than a court would probably be and awards compensation payments at lower levels of causation than would a court.


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In light of recent discussion on the topic of expert witness testimony and court rulings, I thought these links may be of interest. Apologies if I am providing something that is already widely known and understood:


In question/Paragraph 9. It states:

In uranium miners the key exposure is to radon progeny....not Uranium itself per se.

It is interesting to note paragraph five in the next link, which states:

There is little dispute that a standardized incidence ratio (SIR) that identifies an increased risk of 200 (or a relative risk of 2) or more, may support a finding of entitlement, subject to consideration of the evidence in its entirety. An SIR of 200 means that for every 100 incidents of cancer that would have been expected but for the workplace exposure, the studies have identified 100 additional cases that would likely not have occurred but for that risk. Therefore, all must be compensated. This result flows from the principle of the benefit of doubt. This analysis is not medical or even scientific. Rather, it is mathematical. The SIR of 200 is the point of equal probability, and results from the application of mathematical principles to the determination of probability.




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