[ RadSafe ] Journalism 101 (The way it works)

Jerry Cohen jjc105 at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 23 23:17:35 CST 2011

You are probably right. As an old hormesis afficianado, I have advocated adding 
tritium to the our drinking water so that those of us who unfortunately live in 
radiation deficient  areas can achieve optimal dose levels. For some strange 
reason, I have been unable to convince government officials of the soundness of 
this approach. Perhaps a lawsuit against HHS could be a good idea. At least, it 
might get their attention.

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Hi Jerry, I believe a little 'extra ionizing radiation' has prolonged my life so 
I welcome the occasional chest x-rays, MRIs, and so on. Don't think I can sue 
though -- enjoyed smoking a pack a day until quad bypass 12 years ago, but 
progress of the emphysema has only slowed -- so I keep trying to blow their 
house in, but without success <g> Maybe we could launch a class action against 
HHS for failure to provide required radiation to treat our respiratory 
problem???? <g>

On 12/23/2011 6:08 PM, Jerry Cohen wrote:
> Maury,
> I am of a similar age and also huff and puff a lot. How about a class action
> lawsuit? But first we need to publicize our problem. . How about---"Widespread
> respiratory problems in the USA. Radiation exposure is the suspected cause."
> Maybe we should sue ;-)
> Jerry
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> Subject: Re: [ RadSafe ] Journalism 101 (The way it works)
> I enjoy the suspicion that at least some small accounting for my still
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