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monitoring station in town?"

That would be fine if they could predict what they need to monitor, and
which direction it is going to go.  It would be rather pointless to have
"a" monitoring station if contamination wasn't going to come to it.  It
is possible what is being suggested is a network of station, which is
better, but much more expensive. =20

"Residents wanted independent, real-time monitoring in San Clemente."

And they can have it.  For it to be real, though, they are looking at a
lot of money up front, and a fair amount per year.  It would be easier
to work with their state radiation protection organization, which
probably already is in place.

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I can't decide if this is a good idea or not.  I don't see any harm in
the city doing its own radiation monitoring, but I can see where it
might cause confusion if it is done poorly.  And, during an actual
offsite release from a radiological facility, it could be a source of
hysteria if it is not properly coordinated with the federal, state and
local emergency response units.

San Clemente panel urges radiation monitoring in new city blueprint

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