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Steven Dapra sjd at swcp.com
Sun Feb 6 15:05:05 CST 2011

Feb. 6

         I'm sure there were fireballs, but "thousands" of feet in 
the air?  Perhaps the fire dept. captain who said this was exhibiting 
some hyperbole.

         The train was hauling ethanol too.  Hmmmmm.

         Somewhat more to the point, doesn't anyone remember all 
those fireballs at Three Mile Island?  (A little hyperbole of my own. . . . )

Steven Dapra

At 01:33 PM 2/6/2011, you wrote:

>The beat goes on. People have been scared to death to have a needed 
>CT scan or of a little radon in their living rooms, but no one 
>thinks anything should be done about things like this.
>Just a few little fireballs going thousands of feet in the air, 
>dozens of homes evacuated, nothing to worry about.
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