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Thanks for the information.
Here in the UK the film is to be shown at the Keswick film festival on Saturday 12 Feb - 
see http://www.keswickfilmclub.org/kff/film.php?id=687# 
and the screening will be followed by a discussion on the issues involved.
Keswick is in Cumbria, not very far from the Sellafield nuclear site. 
Sellafield is the home of the two main spent fuel reprocessing plants in the UK. 
Also, some local communities are known to be interested in volunteering to host a UK geological disposal facility.
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There is a new foreign film: "Into Eternity" about the Onkalo nuclear waste disposal facility under construction in Finland.

The Synopsis below is from the film review site Rottentomatoes.com [actually a very good site to get movie reviews if you have not seen it].? "Into Eternity" has been very well reviewed by film critics around the world,? and received awards at the Cannes Film Festivals and many others. It's worth knowing about because it will be distributed and shown internationally, and it's always best to know what you're up against.

While the slant and core claims can be criticized, even skeptical reviewers like one from The Economist maintain that the style is quite well done. The reviews by some 18 critics, a trailer, and the synopsis below can be seen at the link below:



Art House & International, 

Special Interest


Onkalo (Finnish for "hiding place") is under construction: it's a 
cavernous world of tunnels and corridors, a permanent storage facility 
for nuclear... 
(Finnish for "hiding place") is under construction: it's a cavernous 
world of tunnels and corridors, a permanent storage facility for nuclear
waste, meant to last 100,000 years (that's 20 times as long as the 
pyramids have so far). Conceptual artist Michael Madsen's film is a 
creepy, eerily elegant meditation on human folly, punctuated by 
philosophical and historical references, that asks: how do you keep 
3,000 future generations from inadvertently opening this Pandora's Box? 
Should markers be posted in every language or in hieroglyphics that say 
"keep out"? (Someone suggests Edvard Munch's "The Scream" might work 
nicely.) Would it be better not to post any notice and hope no one will 
chance upon it? And what about the Ice Age predicted to occur in a mere 
60,000 years? Will the weight of the ice impact the structural integrity
of Onkalo? If you thought the Gulf oil spill was scary... -- (C) Film 

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