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But if you recall, Joel's initial post in this thread referred to thorium use in a closed cycle.

IMO, sticking a bit of thorium into a uranium reactor with an open cycle, just because it's the latest buzzword, makes little sense.

India incidentally, plans to reprocess its spent thorium-containing rods, thus closing the fuel cycle.
But this kind of very complex series of solid fuel reprocessing & re-fabrication is exactly what liquid fluoride fuel reactors aim to avoid.


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Jaro, the key to what you said was a system that uses only Thorium.   The 
Candu can utilize thorium fuel with no modifications to the reactor.   
You can use the OTT (Once Through Thorium) cycle, and use the fact that the 
 Candu has on line refuelling.
India and China are both investigating using CANDU's with Thorium
Spencer Fisher
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