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Franz Schönhofer franz.schoenhofer at chello.at
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Is this a hoax or a joke? Even students should know the mass (nuclide) curve
for the yield from nuclear fission - both for U-235 and Pu-239, from which
it can be easily understood that no radon isotope is among fission products.
So before you start wasting your time for calculating (on what grounds?) I
can give you the result: The yield for radon isotopes in fission is 0.0 +-
0.0 percent. Hope this helps to avoid you wasting time. Transport from Gabon
is not likely, because of the half lives of radon isotopes. 

Be careful in joking about the DHS - to us stupid non-US-scientists your
reasoning is not unlikely to become true..... There could also be some
hardliners on RADSAFE who could use these ridiculing comments to complain to
the list owner and you might be subjected to censoring - oh sorry,

Best regards from Austria!


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C. Bradt

One can't forget about that evil Radon as well. Looks like there is lots of
it around Niagara Falls. 

All that Niagara Falls radon must have been formed by that atmospheric
testing as well since it would be difficult for anyone to have transported
it all from Gabon. 

Wait a minute, while I have not calculated the exact amount of Radon that
could have been formed due to all of the atmospheric testing, looking at the
map it appears that not enough nuclear tests were conducted to account for
the quantity of Radon found in the U. S. Maybe we should report this to
homeland security, if radioactive materials are only found in Africa someone
must be transporting Radon from Africa to the US. Would that not qualify as
a terrorist attack?

Oh the humanity, if only radioactive materials were natural in places other
than the previous Belgian Congo. 


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