[ RadSafe ] Citation requested for "How tough is it tobuild..." C. Bradt

Jeff Terry terryj at iit.edu
Sun Feb 13 15:25:25 CST 2011

Hi Franz, 

It was a joke. 

Thanks for your concern about me and DHS. DHS and I go way back. DHS and I have been at odds for a few years now. It has lead to some interesting exchanges, but they know where to find me. 

The list owner really does not scare me. I dare him to ban me. He is an amateur compared to the DHS interrogators. 


On Feb 13, 2011, at 2:58 PM, Franz Schönhofer wrote:

> Jeff,
> Is this a hoax or a joke? Even students should know the mass (nuclide) curve
> for the yield from nuclear fission - both for U-235 and Pu-239, from which
> it can be easily understood that no radon isotope is among fission products.
> So before you start wasting your time for calculating (on what grounds?) I
> can give you the result: The yield for radon isotopes in fission is 0.0 +-
> 0.0 percent. Hope this helps to avoid you wasting time. Transport from Gabon
> is not likely, because of the half lives of radon isotopes. 
> Be careful in joking about the DHS - to us stupid non-US-scientists your
> reasoning is not unlikely to become true..... There could also be some
> hardliners on RADSAFE who could use these ridiculing comments to complain to
> the list owner and you might be subjected to censoring - oh sorry,
> "monitoring".....
> Best regards from Austria!
> Franz
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> C. Bradt
> One can't forget about that evil Radon as well. Looks like there is lots of
> it around Niagara Falls. 
> http://www.epa.gov/radon/pdfs/zonemapcolor.pdf
> All that Niagara Falls radon must have been formed by that atmospheric
> testing as well since it would be difficult for anyone to have transported
> it all from Gabon. 
> Wait a minute, while I have not calculated the exact amount of Radon that
> could have been formed due to all of the atmospheric testing, looking at the
> map it appears that not enough nuclear tests were conducted to account for
> the quantity of Radon found in the U. S. Maybe we should report this to
> homeland security, if radioactive materials are only found in Africa someone
> must be transporting Radon from Africa to the US. Would that not qualify as
> a terrorist attack?
> Oh the humanity, if only radioactive materials were natural in places other
> than the previous Belgian Congo. 
> Jeff
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