[ RadSafe ] Uranium and other issues - should we expectanti-nuclear fallout in Sweden?

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The only Paul Zimmerman that I know is a very well respected health physcist from the USA. He was a professor in health physics from Purdue and I believe a past president of the Health Physics Society.

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I know only one famous "Zimmermann" and that is "Robert Zimmermann" better
known as "Bob Dylan". 

Taking a look at the links provided: Ida P. Rolf seems to be according to
Google one of the many esotherics, who are so much in favour among nowadays 
"bobos". Another look at the link to the book advertised shows the ever
similar nonsense on the topics, repeated again and again by some people,
obviously making money with it. The author obviously is proud that he is
self-educated (!!!) and that he was "working" with the esotheric Ida Rolf.
These are credentials? All my life since I was a pupil I have learnt from
others, from my teachers, from my professors, from collegues, so long until
I had learnt enough to conduct my own independent research like a thesis and
all the decadelong researchworks I did afterwards. And I still learn from
reading the relevant literature and meeting collegues on RADSAFE and

The above mentioned facts disqualify this person completely. 

Lycka till med den här personen! Hoppas at vädersituationen har redan blivit
bättre än vad jag läste de senaste veckorna om snö, snö och snö i Sverige!

Manga hälsningar,


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Paul Z. (see below) is coming to Stockholm to give a talk in March.
 Anyone in Radsafers land who met this name previously and has any comments?
My personal initiative only,
Bjorn Cedervall
Paul Zimmerman, born in 1949, received a BA in 1972 from New College in
Sarasota, Florida. This was followed by years of study with Dr. Ida P. Rolf
who pioneered a revolutionary approach to physical rehabilitation. His
working life of the last thirty-nine years has been spent following in his
teacher's footsteps. Self-educated on issues of radiation safety, he
lectured 1989-1991 at radiation emergency management seminars on the history
of radiation accidents and the environmental effects of nuclear weapons and
reactors. From 2001 to 2009, he researched the layers of deceit embedded in
the current science of radiation effects which culminated in the publication
of his book A Primer in the Art of Deception: The Cult of Nuclearists,
Uranium Weapons and Fraudulent Science (http://www.du-deceptions.com).

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