[ RadSafe ] DU: the doomsday weapon.......

Roger Helbig rhelbig at sfo.com
Wed Feb 16 05:02:36 CST 2011


I love the Tree Octopus page - someone put a lot of effort into this!


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I will alert the Incomparable Leland Stanford Junior University Marching
Band. I know that they have been focused on the Endangered Spotted Owls in
Oregon for the past 20 years, see link.


However, it appears that the horrors of DU have caused an even larger
travesty than the clear cutting in Oregon. 

Save the Northwest Tree Octopus and Shave the Whales. 

And with that let's end this thread, please ; )

I really need to invest in software that lets me lock out a thread. 


On Feb 15, 2011, at 10:19 PM, Bob Cherry <bobcherry at satx.rr.com> wrote:

> I think DU is also responsible for the loss of habitat of the endangered
> Northwest Tree Octopus: http://zapatopi.net/treeoctopus/
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