[ RadSafe ] Gamma background radiation at ground level

Doug Huffman doug.huffman at wildblue.net
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A link URL with EDU domain does not necessarily make the linked site an
educational site.  At this linked site, the DOE is a "cooperating
agency", the list of which includes the Desert Research Institute and
the Western Regional Climate center AT the DRI - and no others!

"The Community Environmental Monitoring Program (CEMP) is a network of
29 monitoring stations located in communities surrounding and downwind
of the Nevada National Security Site (NNSS), formerly the Nevada Test
Site (NTS), that monitor the airborne environment for manmade
radioactivity that could result from NNSS activities. The CEMP is a
joint effort between the Department of Energy's National Nuclear
Security Administration Nevada Site Office (NNSA/NSO), and the Desert
Research Institute (DRI) of the Nevada System of Higher Education.

On 2/22/2011 19:16, GEOelectronics at netscape.com wrote:
> "Dear Radsafers - Does anybody know where I can get day to day (or hourly) gamma background (cosmic) and/or neutron readings at ground level? A station near California, USA, would be ideal but I'll take anything. Thanks in advance, 
> D. Felipe Gaitan, Ph.D."
> http://www.cemp.dri.edu/
> The above link is to the Community Environmental Monitoring Program
> by the DOE and Desert Research Institute here in Las Vegas. The instrumentation is
> by Reuter Stokes with the basketball sized sensors (PIC).
> There are other such programs out there too, including a grass roots network of
> BlackCat Systems detectors. 
> Good luck with your research
> George Dowell
> New London Nucleonics Lab
> GEOelectronics at netscape.com
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