[ RadSafe ] Advice - Dental x-ray survey

Falah Abu-Jarad abujarad2 at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 24 12:47:16 CST 2011

Dear All
Looking for your advice for the following:
There are 60 dental cubic’s at a height of 1.5 m of concrete and all open door 
for each are to be used for training of students in a dental college. Each cubic 
has a dental chair provided with needed facilities and one dental x-ray 
machine. Request is issued to make x-ray survey in each cubic and all together 
at the same time. Including the corridor between. 

1- The best way to do that
2- The best survey monitor- monitors to be used.
3- Effect of possible scattering from x-ray machine to other cubic’s around  
4- Any reference or sample of report to use as a guide.
Best Regards
 Dr. Falah Abu-Jarad
General Manager, SPSS
Company web: www.spss.com.sa         
Personal web: www.drabujarad.com


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