[ RadSafe ] Low-level radioactive waste dump in West Texas

Scott Kirk skirk at VALHI.NET
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Otto - I agree and also take exception to the word "dump". Our facility is a robust, highly engineered facility which includes to a requirement to containerize waste in re-enforced concrete canisters, use of multiple intruder barriers, and placement of waste 10 meters below grade. The waste will be placed in a highly impermeable clay formation with a hydraulic conductivity over two orders of magnitude greater than concrete. The clay formation is approximately 600 feet thick. The standard in Texas requires a period of performance of 1000 years or peak dose, whichever is longer. We modeled the site's performance over 100,000 years into the future and accounted for future climate changes. The highest annual dose estimated was less than 10 mrem.

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>Please, the correct terminology is "radioactive waste disposal
>facility" or just "waste facility".

Many of the public think we DUMP the waste like garbage into the fragile earth.


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