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The energy of the Higgs particle ... pretty cool, huh????
Dear Mr. JRPreisig, PhD, and others:
The Higgs (BOZON) is extremely interesting ("cool") to be talking about in 
Mustn't forget those mesons, kaons and pions either -- (writing as the 
later myself).
Not too sure about those particle accelerators though. Great care should be 
always exercised when dealing with theoretical activities (tongue in 
cheek). Don't want to create any Black Holes here on earth or around Chicago now 
do we? All competition to do so w CERN aside.
With regard to common sense approaches: The one that wasn't mentioned by 
name and perhaps should've been is the principle of Occam's Razor. The 
simplest explanation should never be overlooked first as a possible/probable answer.
My 2 cents worth.
Louis Ricciuti, researcher, author,
IAP (industrial archeological proctologist),
Niagara Falls - Lewiston-Porter, New York,
"Los Alamos East"
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