[ RadSafe ] DOT and dose calibrator source

garyi at trinityphysics.com garyi at trinityphysics.com
Fri Jul 1 10:52:11 CDT 2011

Does anyone know what it would take to transport a 0.2 mCi Cs-137 dose calibrator source 
from one licensee to another (both are authorized to possess/receive the source) via private 
car over 10 miles in a metropolitan area?  I assume a leak test, a survey, a wipe test, and a 
survey of the vehicle, all properly documented.  I also assume a standard radiopharmacy 
package used for Tc-99m and labeled "Radioactive material, excepted package-limited 
quantity of material, UN2910."  The dose rate outside the package is about 2x background.

For Cs-137:
   Activity limit for exempt consignment
     2.7 e-7 Ci = 0.27 uCi, so its too much to be exempt 
   DOT A2 quantity
     16 Ci, so 1e-3 of that for solid normal form is 16 mCi and it can be shipped as limited 
quantity (?)

Are shipping papers required? Is special training for the driver required (ie, more than the 
typical hazmat training received every 3 yrs by technologists)?  

Any hints, tips, comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Gary Isenhower

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