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Lieber Peter,
 Wie gefällt Dir eigentlich RADSAFE seit neuestem? Der offensichtlich völlig überforderte Moderator leitet zwar "Dutzende" absolut perverse Mails des angeblichen Raman-Spectroskopie-Fachmanns Chris Busby weiter, weist aber Mails von Fachleuten (nicht nur von mir) ohne irgendeine Begründung zurück. Ich  bin keineswegs ein Hardliner, aber ich habe seit Jahrzehnten immer versucht auf RADSAFE "Common sense" durchzusetzen. 

Also wie gefällt Dir RADSAFE?

Beste Grüße


---- Peter Bossew <Peter.Bossew at reflex.at> schrieb:
> Colleagues:
> Only now I noticed the 'hot particles' thread. I apologize if I missed
> something, and if I am repeating arguments.
> The only evidence for hot particles is 
> (1) an autoradiography of an airfilter;
> (2) an electron microscope picture of an isolated particle.
> (3) XRF scan of the particle.
> (4) gamma and alpha spcs  of the bare HP. Also easily done (I did it with
> Chernobyl HPs.) The r.n. composition is very different from the continuous
> phase on the filter.
> This is all done quite easily by standard techniques.
> Does anybody know about such findings? Please let me know any reference.
> (I haven't seen any.)
> A gamma spectrum of an air filter is no evidence. A NaI spectrum is just
> ridiculous for this purpose.
> The argument that Rn progenies attached to aerosols can appear as HPs is
> wrong. After a few hours 214Pb,Bi have decayed.  210Pb,Po are usually not
> present in enough activity, same for Tn. Btw. it can easily be checked by
> investigating BG filters, and if such suspected particle is found, perform
> g & a-spc on the isolated particle. Rn and Tn progenies are very easy to
> identify (should be a triviality in this forum.)
> Generally speaking, the release conditions were such that there is a
> chance of HPs. Therefore experimental evidence would be valuable
> contribution to understanding the accident.
> Thx.
> Peter Bossew
> (German Federal Radioprotection Authority, Berlin)
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