[ RadSafe ] Sternglass => Mangano scaremongering =>was:RE:Sci.Am. about Fukushima and US Pacific NW infant mortality

Steven Dapra sjd at swcp.com
Sun Jul 10 16:44:19 CDT 2011

July 10

	Wikipedia's entry on Sternglass is revealing.


	In particular, read "Critical Responses" (for Alice Stewart's 
comments of an aspect of Sternglass), and "Three  Mile Island," for 
other criticisms (including one from Arthur Tamplin, of all people).

	On July 7th I wrote that over this weekend I would examine some 1969 
proceedings at Hanford where Sternglass, spoke and report to RADSAFE 
on what he said.  For reasons beyond my control it will be sometime 
this week before I can make good on this.

Steven Dapra

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