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July 13

         Thank you, Bruce.  This was very helpful.

Steven Dapra

At 08:10 AM 7/13/2011, you wrote:

>On this subject, I found the HP Journal Article by Bouville et al 
>(Health Physics, V. 82 No. 5, May 2002), "Estimate of Doses from 
>Global Fallout", to be a very good reference. The article contains a 
>table (Table 2) from derived from the UNSCEAR 2000 report which 
>lists total quantities of varoius radionuclides released to the 
>atmosphere from weapons testing. The table indicates that 622 PBq of 
>Sr-90 and 948 PBq of Cs-137 were released. According to the table, 
>these are relatively minor quantities compared to some of the other 
>radoionuclides released, e., g., 675,000 PBq I-131. To answer your 
>specific question, using Table 2, one could calculate the 
>percentages of each radiounclide's contribution to the total 
>activity of all radionuclides released. From eyeballing the table, 
>the total activity of all radionuclides released was over 2 Million PBq.
>Bruce Mann
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>   What percentage of fallout from atmospheric testing was Cs-137, 
> and what percentage was Sr-90?
>Steven Dapra

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