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On this subject, I found the HP Journal Article by Bouville et al (Health Physics, V. 82 No. 5, May 2002), "Estimate of Doses from Global Fallout", to be a very good reference. The article contains a table (Table 2) from derived from the UNSCEAR 2000 report which lists total quantities of varoius radionuclides released to the atmosphere from weapons testing. The table indicates that 622 PBq of Sr-90 and 948 PBq of Cs-137 were released. According to the table, these are relatively minor quantities compared to some of the other radoionuclides released, e., g., 675,000 PBq I-131. To answer your specific question, using Table 2, one could calculate the percentages of each radiounclide's contribution to the total activity of all radionuclides released. From eyeballing the table, the total activity of all radionuclides released was over 2 Million PBq.

Bruce Mann

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July 12 
  What percentage of fallout from atmospheric testing was Cs-137, and what percentage was Sr-90? 
Steven Dapra 
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