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Steven Dapra sjd at swcp.com
Wed Jul 13 20:01:33 CDT 2011

July 13

         Are we allowed to use "Wings of Death: Nuclear Pollution and 
Human Health" as a source?
I don't believe it's peer reviewed.

Steven Dapra

At 11:28 AM 7/10/2011, you wrote:
>The radsafe moderator has said I didnt answer this question of 
>yours. Here is the answer. Prior to 1945 the most common cause of 
>death  of infants in England and Wales would have been infections/ 
>pneumonia. After 1945 the rates fell sharply but the rate of fall 
>was arrested when the fallout began. In those areas where the 
>rainfall and fallout was high there was actually an increase which 
>fell back again when the Sr-90 stopped appearing in the milk. The 
>effects were greatest in the neonatal period 0-1month and there was 
>also an effect on stillbirth. Is that an answer?
>I dont understand historical perspective point.  I attach the graph 
>from my 1995 book.


 >I wrote all this up in my 1995 book Wings of Death.
 >Busby, C. C. (1995), Wings of Death: Nuclear Pollution and Human
 >Health  (Aberystwyth: Green Audit)
 >I will get round to publishing it sometime.

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