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Tue Jul 19 10:59:49 CDT 2011

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     This is expensive and probably a bit too much  technology for your 
but EMR Photoelectric/Schlumberger Technologies makes gamma detectors  for
oil well logging.  These gamma detectors are mechanically and  thermally 
stable and might fit
in your  geoprobe borehole.  Such a gamma detector used to cost  $2K (1978 
Don't know what they go for now.
      Their address is:   44 Wallace  Road, Princeton Junction, New Jersey
      I expect EMR Photoelectric/Schlumberger  Technologies has a website.  
Google it.
      Such a detector would work well with a  portable MultiChannel 
Analyzer and PC.
      Perhaps one could even power such a system  in the field with a 
portable AC electricity
      Have fun.
      Joe Preisig
In a message dated 7/18/2011 10:41:32 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,  
dgmiller at enercon.com writes:

My  internet search skills are failing me today.  Does anyone know where  to
rent or purchase a gamma spec unit with a detector that has  dimensions
capable of logging a geoprobe boring?  I have found the  detector in the 
below, but I don't know where to purchase and/or  rent.


Thank you,

Dustin G. Miller

RSO/Health  Physicist

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