[ RadSafe ] Two Meter Thick Steel Plates to Shield from Plutonium

Doug Huffman doug.huffman at wildblue.net
Wed Jun 1 05:19:47 CDT 2011

Imagine the reactor vessel that technology could produce!  As with the
revelation of cellphone radiation causing brain cancer but not hand
cancer, consider what the author of a hysterical/hyperbolic assertion is
hiding.  Believe nothing that you read or hear without verifying it
yourself unless it fits your preexisting world view.

On 5/31/2011 21:50, Steven Dapra wrote:
> May 31
>         That's a steel "plate" that is six and one-half feet thick.  I
> was under the impression that plutonium was an alpha emitter, and that
> alpha can be stopped by a mere sheet of paper.
>         I doubt that it would be possible to pour a piece of steel this
> thick, and if it were possible where would one get a crane that could
> lift it?
>         The purported Soviet nuclear testing site in the picture looks
> like something from a science fiction movie.  Is it real, or is it
> PhotoShop?
> Steven Dapra

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