[ RadSafe ] Smart meters

Doug Huffman doug.huffman at wildblue.net
Thu Jun 2 15:33:00 CDT 2011

I have done my duty and looked at that page.  First I saw the garish
typography (chartjunk to Tufte), then I saw "electrohypersensitivity EHS".

I have advised my local electrical cooperative (2100 meters) on the
technology, though their intention is to use BPL technology, Broadband
By Powerline.  For rate reduction and load leveling it will be great.
The potential for abuse of privacy (US-centric Fourth and Fifth
Amendments) is significant.

On 6/2/2011 14:32, sent wrote:
> I hope that someone on the list who is more knowledgeable than I about the new wireless electric metering technology can provide a comment about the claims of harm made on the website:
> http://www.smartmeterdangers.org/
> This method of providing electric use date is replacing the traditional monthly personal visit by a meter reading person, obviously a significant cost saver for a utility.
> Robert Barish, PhD CHP
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