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Um, the inelastic scattering of light was predicted by Smekal using quantum theory prior to Raman's discovery in 1928. 

Adolf Smekal, "Zur Quantentheorie der Dispersion," NATURWISSENSCHAFTEN 11, 873 (1923). 

For a direct link see: http://www.springerlink.com/content/r1q0325731k8x326/

That would be "The Quantum Theory of Dispersion." for those not trained in German ; )

In Germany, I believe that it is still called Smekal-Raman Scattering. You can still find this in the literature. 

I don't know why Smekal was dropped but early papers described it:

The Smekal-Raman Spectra of SiHCl3, CHFCl2 and CF2Cl2, Phys. Rev. 40, 908–913 (1932) 

Modern Density Functional Theory programs can all calculate Raman spectra accurately, see ADF, Gaussian, etc. 

One can accurately use QM to calculate x-ray raman, as well: Recent Developments in the Analysis of X-Ray Raman Scattering, J. A. Soininen, J. J. Rehr, A. Mattila, S. Galambosi, and K. Hämälainen, AIP Conf. Proc. 882, 102 (2007).

Never let facts get in the way of a good story. 


On Jun 4, 2011, at 3:25 AM, Busby, Chris wrote:

> Dr Sartori
> Lets not get too hung up on quantum theory.
> I suggest you look into the Raman effect. This cannot be explained by quantum theory except as a fudge.
> Optical electronic quanta drive the release of infra red rotational quanta.
> You would say the probability of that is zero, before someone showed the effect by experiment using benzene and sunlight coming through a crack in the wall of his shed, then got the Nobel prize.
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> Chris Busby
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