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Cooking contaminated meat reduces the Cs-137 concentration considerably - if you fool cannot understand it, take some courses in radioecology. . 

I have in my freezer some wild boar meat and be sure that I will not put it into a pot of boiling water - is this the way in the place you live
to prepare venison? Be ashamed! I'll fry it alone or with mushrooms, serve it with pears cooked  n white wine, with crocettes or new potatoes or pasta and of course the obligatory lingonberries. I'll have a relative from Canada soon as a guest and I am really considering to serve it to him (and me of course). Be sure that I will not attempt to have it measured  for Cs-137 before by good old friends.

I am not sure whether you understand the "FOOL"- you might be tp foolish to understand it. 

Best regards,

--- "Geo>K0FF" <GEOelectronics at netscape.com> schrieb:
> Dear Franz, Drop Dead, radioactive boar meat into a pot
> of boiling water and cook it thoroughly. Does that make it safe to eat?
> Thanks,
> George Dowell
> REF:
> "Why especially wild boar is so highly contaminated still cannot be said.
> Some people are of the opinion that it is from soil ingestion, some believe
> that their diet (also earthworms and similar animals) is responsible. We
> have made extensive investigations, but it seems that neither explanation
> is reasonable. 
> Franz"
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