[ RadSafe ] Austrian Versus Texas Wild Boar Meat

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Dear Maury:

I am expert on part of this subject!

For years in Austria, I'd ride the fence on my horse 4 seasons a year to
check for places where wild boars had dug through or under the fences in the
Karnabrunner Wald in Lower Austria.  For this task, I was awarded a free
wild boar each year (with me at the trigger of my accurized Winchester Model
1894 .30-30) and they all tasted "real good".  I did this memorable task
from 1981 through 1988, so I was quite conscious of the potential effects of
the Chernobyl accident. 

HOWEVER, following the accident, our hunting club submitted a wild boar shot
(and refrigerated) the autumn before Chernobyl for testing.  The report was
that it was badly radioactively contaminated, so we tended not to believe
anything we were told after that.  I also shot quite a few pheasant, duck &
roe deer in Austria, and they all tasted "real good", too!

Heck, I've even been snipe hunting in Austria, too!  (The real kind!)

I also have significant experience with the succulent rattlesnakes of
Colorado during years of field exploration for uranium, and they all tasted
"real good", too!  I had them roasted, broiled, barbequed, turned into Chile
and even curried & served on a bed of rice with mandarin oranges. I never
checked to see if they were particularly radioactive or not, but their
rattle sounded quite similar to my scintillation counter, so they might have

Those critters all tasted "real good"!

But, I've never been wild boar hunting in Texas...

The wild boar around Chernobyl tend to dig up the countryside as well!  I
enjoyed the Pripyat Swamp in 1996 and 1996.

Dan ii

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Thanks, Neil, I'd forgotten that they are here -- I'll try to find a 
source. I like cabrito, but never thought to seek a source for boar. Thanks.

And it surely would a great pleasure to dine at Franz's table but yes, 
the air fare is a deterrent ...
On 6/5/2011 3:29 PM, neilkeeney at aol.com wrote:
> Maury,
> As you know, there are literally tons of wild boar on the hoof over there
in Texas.  You don't need to import it from Austria.  I know that in Texas,
they ruin rice and row-crop production with their feeding habits.
> I recall that here in the U.S., during the fall and winter large portions
of the the diet of wild pigs consists of acorns and acorn 'mash' that
accumulate in washes, runnels, stream beds and the like.  Perhaps the Oaks
of Austria (sounds picturesque)) serve to concentrate Cs-137 in the acorn
> Regards,
> Neil Keeney
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