[ RadSafe ] Irradiation underused to fight E. coli in foods

Doug Huffman doug.huffman at wildblue.net
Mon Jun 6 16:17:22 CDT 2011

Thank you.  Yours is the most on topic post, here, of this whole E. Coli
O104 defugelty.

I noticed elsewhere today the observation that E. Coli is in general
transmitted to leafy crops by irrigation with contaminated water or
contact with fecal material in the fields.  None dare call it the
terrorism of ignorance.

On 6/6/2011 15:43, Maury wrote:
> Irradiation underused to fight E. coli in foods
> Posted on June 6, 2011 at 3:53pm
> WASHINGTON (AP) — Zapping salad fixings with just a bit of radiation can
> kill dangerous E. coli and other bacteria — and food safety experts say
> Europe's massive outbreak shows wary consumers should give the
> long-approved step a chance.
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> http://www.theblaze.com/the-wire/7352560/irradiation-underused-to-fight-e-coli-in-foods/
> Seems likely that all concerned with radiation safety can take some
> pride in this recognition of what could be achieved with irradiated foods
> Best,
> Maury&Dog [MaurySiskel maurysis at peoplepc.com]
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