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Perle, Sandy sperle at mirion.com
Wed Jun 15 14:32:55 CDT 2011

That is true Franz. You continue to berate, criticize and demonize everyone on Radsafe in almost all of your posts. You never simply critique a post but insist on attacking the individual. You continue to raise the same ridicule over and over again, going back years. It's as if you have OCD, totally obsessed with yourself and critical of everything and everyone. Only rarely have you ever complimented anyone. You are fixated on individuals, what you think they earn, what they do, what they call themselves, all of which has absolutely nothing to do with Radsafe.

If you would simply respond to posts offering concurrence or a differing opinion, and not continually refer to Radsafe and the respondent as "US overloaded", everyone would get along just fine. I know and recognize that you are very intelligent and often add value to Radsafe. I acknowledge that. With respect to me, you continue to make comments about me personally and professionally, after all of these years. Give it up already.

Nothing further needs to be said. You go your way and I'll go mine.

Sandy Perle

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How nice to read a comment of my "dear friend" Sandy again, though this time he does not mention the .
$$magineerersrust in which "Austria and following also I personally  was involved". He openly called me on RADAFE a fool,and has not apologiuzed for it - why, should he?  He is such an unimöportant person, that he cannot .imsult me

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