[ RadSafe ] Prof O Raabe's recent paper

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June 15

         I wholeheartedly agree with you, Sandy.  Thank you for speaking up.

Steven Dapra

At 12:29 PM 6/15/2011, you wrote:
>Let's see. Otto Raabe or Franz Schoenhofer?? Difficult 
>decision..NOT. Thank you PROFESSOR Raabe!
>Once again a reply from our "colleague" overseas in response to 
>Chris Hofmeyr that added nothing to the list, took up bandwidth that 
>was critical of how one addresses themself. Otto has done more for 
>the industry and Radsafe than can be stated by the individual that 
>criticizes Otto.
>I'm proud to be a member who respects Otto!
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>person Sorry firends, put forward his
>I never have understood the hype about  "Prof" O Raabe. I do not 
>remember that anybody at RADSAFE except this one has ever put 
>forward his "Professor", at least I personally have not done 
>it..  How many Professors did not mention their academic title, 
>beause it is ridiculous? So what is it good for?
>I have recently sent a critical comment about a funny comment of 
>Raabe. It has not been forwardded on RADSAFE. How intresting that
>RADSAFE is obviously again subject to censorship -  the land of the 
>Bet regards,


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