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Uwe Beinlich Uwe.Beinlich at ezag.com
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I don't know who has been contacted at Eckert & Ziegler, but the information you received is definitely wrong.
Eckert & Ziegler Isotope Products does offer these nuclides and concentration levels.

Please send me your contacts and we'll send you a quote.



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Can you forward this to see if they have any thoughts on who to purchase these liquid standards from?  We've tried Eckhard and Ziegler and they are unable to provide the concentration levels we are requesting.
Cl-36:  0.5 to 0.65µCi (~2.28E+04  Bq) in 100mL of 0.1M HCl
1.                              Cm-244: 1 to 1.2µCi (~2.40E+04 Bq) in 100mL of 0.1M HCl
2.                              H-3:  1 to 1.2µCi (~3.72E+04  Bq) in 100mL DI
3.                              Ni-63:   0.5 to 0.61 µCi (2.26E+04 Bq) in 100mL of 0.1M HCl

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