[ RadSafe ] political funding of science/ was:Radon:POWERFULLY associated with LESS lung cancer by B.Cohen

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EXACTLY!!!!!  The Space Shuttle was cutting edge when it was designed,
and building it required developing new materials and technologies.  As
it turned out, while it could be done, it didn't work nearly as well as
hoped.  While we learned a lot from the shuttle program, I don't believe
it paid for itself.  The Hubble Space Telescope, has paid for itself
many times over.  The International Space Station would have been a
success if it had been built when it was Space Station Freedom, but
Congress kept sticking their thumb in the pie.  

As for them being obsolete now; Duh.  The more cutting edge a
technology, the sooner it becomes obsolete.  If you invest in something
this year because something better might be available next year, you
will be handed your shorts by competitors who invested last year. 

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Who but the US federal government would buy the technology demonstrator
Space Scuttle to service the orbiting international tax-blackhole, all
in favor of real science in the form of the Super Conducting Super

And now they're obsolete and the US slides into Obamanation.  Read Atlas

On 6/17/2011 16:29, Glenn R. Marshall wrote:
> Who but the federal government would spend money studying what sort of
smells are most likely to get a female Antarctic doodlebug "in the
> Glenn Marshall
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