[ RadSafe ] How many Radsafe comments would have been ignored by Marie Curie?

Stabin, Michael michael.g.stabin at Vanderbilt.Edu
Tue Jun 21 19:46:54 CDT 2011

(was, how many curies, etc.)

>you will excuse me if I say Chernobyl outweighs all of these by orders of magnitude. I know you guys think only a few firemen died, but this isnt so.. Alexey Yablokov is right. Gogman calculated 980,000 in 1990.

I guess he meant Goffman, the passionate anitnuclear liar. This nonsensical comment again gets more attention than a new story about PeeWee Herman in a movie theatre deserves. Serious calls from myself and others to discuss real radiation protection issues of our day get yawns. I moderated this list for few years, against the advice of many, as I thought the forum was often stimulating and informative, if an eye to civility was maintained. The exponential decay of the quality of this list since the days of Melissa Woo is simply breathtaking, I'm sorry to say. The RADAR task group is going to begin a new discussion forum soon, for serious participants. Some of you will be personally invited to join. I'm signing off of Radsafe, you all have fun now, you hear?


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