[ RadSafe ] Michio Kaku on CNN continues to spew pseudo-facts regarding Fukushima and comparison to other disasters

Perle, Sandy sperle at mirion.com
Tue Jun 21 20:06:49 CDT 2011

Just listened to a Chris Busby type analysis from Michio Kaku, who appears on CNN quite often. Some of his comments include:

 1.  Worse than Chernobyl where Chernobyl had 1 core melt and Fukushima has the equivalent of 20 core melts
 2.  Cold shut-down won't occur for a year and it is "highly" possible that the accident can re-initiate. (I wonder if the core has completely melted in 3 of the reactors, what is going to cause a new incident of similar proportion?)
 3.  Will take 50 to 100 years to clean-up
 4.  Most costly accident in history
 5.  Expect 10,000 or more thyroid and leukemia cancers
 6.  Workers receive a years dose in 10 minutes
 7.  The company knew immediately there was an issue and that that they lied. (I know that in any incident there is often confusion and chaos. However, Tepco and the Japanese government have not been forthcoming since the accident)
 8.  Said that 34,000 school children are already monitored with a dosimeter (I know they are talking about doing this but I don't think the japanese government has any significant number of dosimeters, as is the case with all other type of radiation detection instrumentation)
 9.  The list goes on. What is disturbing is that in the early days after the accident, CNN did have some very competent analysis from former US nuclear operator management. Their facts were right on. CNN has now degraded their reporting to emotionalism, utilizing individuals who have their own agendas. Disappointing



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