[ RadSafe ] How many curies were involved in Hiroshima

Steven Dapra sjd at swcp.com
Wed Jun 22 21:52:22 CDT 2011

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>OK good point.
>But few of the list you give cause cancer.
>And there have been many other instances of floods and tsunamis that 
>we can compare for such counfounders.
>This reminds me of a screaming match at the 2001 Kiev WHO Chernobyl 
>conference where a woman doctor shouted to the UN representative who 
>was talking about radiophobia and all these problems after 
>Chernobyl: Its news to me that lack of bread causes brain tumours.
>I mean there was no sudden peak in cancer after the 2nd world war in 
>anoy country in Europe. There are stats to show this.

June 22

Dr. Busby:

         Please post your comments at the beginning of your e-mail, 
not at the ending.  They are much easier to find when at the beginning.

         Second, as usual, you provide no "stats" to "show" 
anything.  Where are they?  Why must you keep your purported source 
material such a deep dark secret?

Steven Dapra

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