[ RadSafe ] How many curies were involved in Hiroshima

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Your method to confuse RADSAFE with repeating again and again dozens of mails is well known, but it is annoying - which is obviously what it should be according to your tactics. 

You base your comment on some "anticipated" deaths, which have not yet occurred and will most probably never occur, in analogue to Chernobyl. This is not science and not worth "one of the best epidemiologists and the most knowledgable person on radioecology, radioactivity, and nuclear accidents in the world". You present your own personal speculations as facts. This is highly unethical, respecially when it is associated with money to be earned. 

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 According to good practice I removed all your kB of repeated mails to make mine reasable.    

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> Why would you attribute all increased deaths/cancer incidence/infant
> mortality to the exposures?  There is more happening to the people in
> Fukushima than exposure to radioactive materials.  With the tsunami, I would
> assume the following could increase the death/cancer incidence/infant
> mortality in the area

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