[ RadSafe ] How many curies were involved in Hiroshima

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10 curies  that was it it came from k reactor at the Hanford site process at the 2345-Z plant were nothing  ever leaked in to the soil or to the Columbia river. the old wwps is leaking the tritem so the say why is no on concern about the DOE plants clean up.who cares about Japan they have the best minds in the company working on it. they had worse the a wave hit a power plant.  homes were lost people  lost. i know the ci answer  because i was a nuclear operator at that site. we got our own mess to clean up

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I haven't read all the posts on this subject, but the question needs to be 
refined.  It is like asking "How many gallons were released?".  Gallons of what?

Roundup [herbicide]? 
crude oil?
sewage effluent?

Hiroshima would have lots of short-lived radionuclides.  There would be noble 
gases, various Iodine isotopes, plutonium, Cs isotopes, Sr isotopes, U, Ba-La, 
 The reactor mixtures would be enhanced in the longer-lived isotopes.  

Basically, asking for a release based only on a unit of a highly complex mixture 
isn't productive.  It should be rephrased to ask how many curies of the 
radionuclides of interest and then list those that are of interest.

John Ahlquist

Could anyone please give me some facts on how much radioactivity
(curies) was released in: Fukushima, Hisoshima, Chernobyl
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